About the Brand

Founded by Micah Clasper-Torch in 2018, CLASPER-TORCH embodies the type of luxury that comes with appreciation of artistry, craft, elegance, and a belief in quality over quantity. 

Collections include both wearables and art, and are comprised of a fixed number of unique pieces and limited editions. Emphasis is placed on the creation process, the tangible difference you feel when you encounter something that has been hand-crafted with care and passion, by an artist whose work is imbued with inspiration and personal joy.


About the Artist

As an artist and a designer who worked in both the art world and commercial fashion industry, Micah found herself becoming concerned with the impact of "fast fashion" on our environment and our culture. After moving from NYC to Los Angeles in 2016, she began to revive her design work with a goal to celebrate slow fashion and highlight and elevate what are traditionally seen as "craft" techniques into contemporary high fashion and works of art. Her recent work largely utilizes punch needle / rug hooking techniques, and her preferred materials are wool, cotton and paper.

Her work – both art and fashion – is influenced by travel, the natural world, music, architecture, dreams and stories. Her mission is to highlight the inherent value in making things by hand and the importance of keeping traditional craft techniques alive.